Getting Started…

Getting Started…

…is the hardest part. I started this journey about a year ago, when I got a little bored and decided a new hobby and learning experience was what I was craving. My identity now is very much mom, wife and teacher, but I wanted something else to go with that; something that is mine and new and a different kind of challenge from motherhood or secondary education. I loved progressing through my classes and learning all about HTML, CSS, Javascript, and all of these fun computer terms I never before understood. I’m forever a student and lover of learning. 🙂 However, once I made it through the classes and began the freelancing class, I started going through the motions instead of really engaging. The prevailing thought? “You can’t do that. It’s too _________ (insert excuse here). You’re not ________enough.”

Those thoughts won out for a while. I took a little time off, then had another thought: “Why not?” So what if this doesn’t work? So what if I can’t find clients? I won’t know until I try. My theme word for 2019 is Authenticity. (Ever done a yearly theme word? This is my first. Love it.) Is it being authentic if I hide my talents and keep this all to myself? Nope. Am I being the real me if I don’t put myself out there? Nope again. Without much thinking, a few weeks ago I started social media for my business and sent my portfolio website live. Put it all out there.

And why? I am a helper. A nurturer. An Enneagram 9. My day job is helping kids. My outside life is helping to raise a daughter and nurture a marriage. So why should my hobby be any different? I know how to make websites, and I enjoy doing it. I want to help others with something they may not know about or want to take the time with, but something that would be a very helpful tool for their business or themselves. I also want people to feel at home and comfortable designing their site and working with me. Professional yet friendly, like your friend who will drink a margarita with you and then design and build your website. 🙂

So, I’m here. I’m enough. I’ve started a business. I’m a freelance website designer and builder. And I want to help. Keepin’ it authentic since 2019. 😉

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